Students Main Concerns When Selecting A Training Company

Before Attending Training With Us We Ask
All Our Students The Following Questions:

Why Did You Decide To Train In Permanent Makeup &
What Were Your Main Concerns Regarding Choosing
The Right Training Company?

Here are some of their Answers …

Student-Main-Concerns 31

Student-Main-Concerns 5

Student-Main-Concerns 35

Student-Main-Concerns 4


Student-Main-Concerns 16

Student-Main-Concerns 30

Student-Main-Concerns 32

Student-Main-Concerns 13

Student-Main-Concerns 9Student-Main-Concerns 6Student-Main-Concerns 7 Student-Main-Concerns 36Student-Main-Concerns 34Student-Main-Concerns 33Student-Main-Concerns 3Student-Main-Concerns 29Student-Main-Concerns 28Student-Main-Concerns 27Student-Main-Concerns 25Student-Main-Concerns 23Student-Main-Concerns 21Student-Main-Concerns 20Student-Main-Concerns 19Student-Main-Concerns 17