Permanent Makeup Re-Training / Confidence Building Days

Permanent Makeup re-training / Confidence  Building Days

“Failure Is Simply An Opportunity to Begin Again, This Time More Intelligently.”

Henry Ford

The Permanent Makeup Re-Training / Confidence Building training Days are aimed specifically at students who may have already had training in permanent makeup with another company but feel they are lacking in confidence or skill set to carry out treatments or even had a break in career for children etc, and need motivation to get started again…

Do you fall into one of the following categories:

  • Your Initial Training was not in-depth enough for you to feel confident to perform your own treatments
  • You are good at one thing like Brows but are not as confident in other areas like lips or eyeliner
  • You are putting customers off having more treatments because you feel scared to do more
  • You feel embarrassed or uncomfortable to charge what you know should be charging like other technicians do
  • You are not converting at least 80% of your consultations to treatments
  • You find people book with you but don’t show up
  • If your initial treatments look good but the colour retention is poor leaving you client disappointed
  • If you do not know how to correct previous technicians work
  • If you do not know how to apply the correct colour for the customer skin tone
  • If you do not know how to neutralise every possible colour year after year as clients return
  • If you don’t know how to do camouflage correction
  • If you are not confident with your initial drawing of your brow shape
  • If you are letting your clients  bully you or dictate how to do things when you know better
  • If client demands things you know you shouldn’t be doing, like flicking eyeliner in the corner etc
  • If you’re forever doing timely and costly touch ups for free on your clients
  • If you are tied into your current supplier and can’t choose where to buy your products from at wholesale prices
  • If you are not happy with the machine you use and would prefer another but aren’t sure what to change to
  • If you have trained abroad but need to understand how to operate in the UK under UK rules and legislation
  • If you simple are not getting clients due to your confidence being knocked in the early days
  • If your clients never return for more treatments year after year
  • If you are not getting recommendations and referrals
  • If you lack the confidence to charge higher prices as you don’t relate to the full value of what you do
  • If you always seem to be servicing the same type of client as you lack confidence to perform treatments on either younger or older clients, clients with different skin types, or clients with a celebrity status.
  • Or any other reason which is preventing you from having a successful career in permanent makeup



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Case Studies from Previous Students who have attended the Permanent Makeup Training Academy To Retrain, and Improve skills or confidence…

Case Study 1: Jo – “I Was Told I Would Never Be Any Good At Permanent Makeup!..”

One of our students who very nearly quit her career in permanent makeup before it had even begun. After a lot of research and inquiries Jo then went on to spend over £13,000 on training with a top London training company. She trained in a group format with 4-5 other people, also paying a similar amount of money to be there.

Jo had around 13 days booked in for her training to learn both the basics in permanent makeup (i.e. brows, lips and eyes) as well as the advanced medical training course procedure’s. After just a few days training Jo realised that this was not for her. The course instructor advised her that she would never be able pick up the skill and at best would need the full 13 days that she had paid for, to learn just permanent eyebrows alone.

Jo faced a very hard decision as she had spent £13,000 of her husband’s retirement fund, was told she could not learn what she had paid for, would not be entitled to any refund, and decided to quit permanent makeup and write the loss off.

A few months down the line Jo had a real feeling that permanent makeup was her dream job, and with the right instructor for her and training, she could pick up the skill and do a really good job for her clients. Jo started her research into the permanent makeup training industry once more; only this time took a much closer look into exactly who would be training her, making sure she didn’t make the same mistake again.

After a long discussion with her husband, who understandably was very reluctant to re-invest anymore money into her new career, she decided to give it one more shot. Jo called us at The Permanent Make-up Training Academy, and after booking a further 4 days training with us, said:

‘If Katy says that I truly can’t do it then I will give up forever and accept that it just wasn’t the career for me.’

When Jo came for her re-training course, her confidence was at an all time low. However, after just one days training with Katy, she had produced the most beautiful set of eyebrows that any client could wish for. Jo could not believe what she was capable of after just one day.

We spent a few more days with Jo, building her confidence and teaching her the skill of permanent makeup from the ground up, taking her completely back to basics.

By the time Jo had finished her re-training with us, Jo’s confidence was as high as we could expect it to be, however, her old trainer then got back in touch with her and told her no matter what, that she couldn’t perform permanent makeup procedure’s on real people, again sowing the seeds of doubt in Jo’s mind.

However, we had so much faith in Jo and her fabulous work and attitude towards her new career and clients, we insured her with our insurers and told her to go out and complete her case studies on real paying clients.

After she left us (like we do with all our students), we kept our lines open 24/7 for her so she had instant access to her trainer and the founder of our company, Katy. She could call us at any time, before, after or during a procedure. We made her send all her before and after images to us to see her progress.

A year down the line and Jo has a very, very successful permanent makeup business and can’t quite believe that she almost gave up on her dream job. Her clients are recommending her to all their friends and family, and almost all her customers come from referrals and word of mouth, truly showing what you can achieve when you don’t give up on your dreams.

Jo is now a friend for life and a huge advocate for our company & keeps in constant contact with us, updating us on her progress (and of course asking for a bit of advice from us now and again). She kindly speaks and gives advice to any students who have trained elsewhere and don’t want to make the same mistake again.


Whether You Think You Can, Or You Think You Can’t – You’re Right

Henry Ford



The fact that Jo has turned her business around, makes us proud, her husband proud, and more importantly has proved to herself that she can be a great permanent makeup technician.

So if you have a gut instinct that is screaming to you that you can do better than you are now, then give your career another shot by calling us on 01444 300 157 You (like Jo & so many others) wont regret it. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get your permanent makeup career back on track.

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Case Study 2: Louise – “I found myself making excuses up not to do the clients!..”

This is one of our students Louise. Louise studied permanent makeup 1 year before with another permanent makeup training company. To save money, she went with a slightly cheaper than average training company!

Louise was a very busy woman with her beauty salon and staff, as well as raising 2 children on her own. She had a very good clientele for her beauty business, including celebrity clients. However she just didn’t have the confidence to do the procedure’s that she had trained in, in permanent makeup. She found herself making excuses up not to do the clients, inquiring about permanent makeup.

She took the brave step and decided that she needed more training to boost both her confidence and skill set. This time Louise took a much closer look at the trainer and the background, and this time was willing so travel further afield to find the right trainer and spend a little more money for the expertise she knew she would need to get the confidence she required to complete treatments on these high end clients.


‘If you think hiring an expert is expensive, try hiring an amateur first.’


She flew from Scotland

 Long story short – We are now life long friends with Louse, & we took the time to go and see her in her new celebrity eyebrow clinic in Scotland. Again she has very kindly agreed to speak to any students who find themselves in the position she did if you want that extra vote of confidence before you book your re-training/kit conversion/confidence building course with us at the PMTA.

Louise also purchased all Katy’s, education books, DVDs, and audio CD’s & within 3 weeks she had changed the way she ran her business forever.

From reading ’17 common & deadly Permanent Makeup Marketing Mistakes that can Cripple Your Business & How to Avoid Them’ & ‘Top Secrets and Tips to Becoming an Expert Permanent Makeup Technician..’ Louise was able to sell her beauty salon business & then opened what has since turned into one of Scotland’s most in demand brow bars, employing technicians in brow shaping, leaving her to concentrate on what she loves, which was permanent makeup.

In fact with in just 1 month after she attended her re-training with us and using our educational products (which includes how to set up clinics etc.) she rang us to let us know that she had set up no less than 6 new permanent makeup clinics in her very own area, including one exclusive clinic in a very famous hair transplant medical centre.

Once Louise had settled into her new business Katy took the time to visit her in her amazing new brow bar in Scotland & went for a nice Mexican lunch.

If you, like Louise, know that there is a demand, but are not confident enough to carry out the work, then call us on 01444 300 157  You wont regret it. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get your permanent makeup career back on track..

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“If You Can’t Explain It Simply, You Don’t Understand It Well Enough.”

Albert Einstein

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Case Study 3: Jan – “After the training, I felt a complete lack of confidence to do procedures!..”

Here is one of our re-training students, Jan.

She spent over £10,000 training in permanent makeup medical training with a top permanent makeup company, learning, areola reconstructions, scar relaxation/camouflage amongst other medical procedures.

When Jan turned up to her training she only then realised that she was in a group of 8 other new para-medical trainees. Constantly fighting for the tutors attention, she sat back in her chair not daring to speak or ask a question if she didn’t understand. After the training, she felt completely unconfident to do procedures on her client.

After approaching us we developed a specific training course just for her, to rebuild her confidence within the industry. We worked with her on a 1 to 1 basis bringing in the model clients that she wanted to work on, including people who had lost their brows through cancer treatments, as well as colour correction work. We went right back to basics, starting with colour theory, consultation work to reconstructing an amazing set of eyebrows for our clients, so much so, that Jan even got a £20 tip during her training with us!

When she left training with us, she said that she was ready to do a client tomorrow, something she had never thought possible after her original training. Years down the line, we are still in contact with Jan. Since her training Jan, focuses on her real passion, which is cancer care work.

She got asked to blog for inspirational burns patient Katy Pipers Charity, Look Good, Feel Good, which led her to be featured in top industry magazines. She has also since, joined forces with a top medical centre, holding clinics to work on their patients.

Jan’s only regret was that she had not taken out 1 to 1 training originally & had started first with permanent makeup (brows, lips and eyes) to enable her to earn the money she needed to be able to then concentrate on her charity work in the medical side.

Stop beating yourself up. If you have read this far then you obviously have some concerns about performing permanent makeup treatments. Simply call us on 01444 300 157  You wont regret it. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get your permanent makeup career back on track..

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Case Study 4: Cauline – “I was thinking, maybe I am just going to sell my machine now and forget this!..”

Here are the thoughts of Cauline. She had originally trained with another company just a few months ago, but decided that it just wasn’t working for her. She had a tough choice to make: either give up and waste all the money she had invested, or give it one last shot & come to The Permanent Makeup Training Academy for 2 days re-training & confidence boosting with Katy.

“I did the initial training & some more with a different company and still didn’t feel as confident as I thought I should be. I had spent quite a lot of money and I was thinking, maybe I am just going to sell my machine now & forget this. It was difficult because I had already invested so much & actually I really wanted to do it, so I thought, I am going to give it one more try.

I did a huge amount of research & I spoke to a lot of other training companies who literally bombarded me with phone calls which was really unpleasant. It was all about their programs and what they wanted to offer, lots of things that I was not at all interested in. I even thought about going to the states, but I didn’t quite have an idea of who would be best.

Then I phoned you at the Permanent Makeup Training Academy because I saw that Katy had some training DVDs. I had also looked on the website and I was really, really impressed with the videos of loads of happy clients and students as well. There were a few students who had come here for confidence boosting as well, so I was quite interested.

Then what was really nice was that you started chatting to me and it became clear that you would do something that was tailored to my needs, not just trying to sell me a big package. You didn’t try and sell me anything actually. You gave me the information, you said you would email me and you did. You said you would send me stuff, you did. I probably bugged you for a few weeks about doing the course, but everything that you said you would do you did & I never felt under any kind of pressure.

It seemed very impressive, so I decided to invest my money…. and I am so glad that I did!

“Katy has been lovely in terms of trying to find out what my needs were pre-course & what I had done. I thought that because she has got such a big profile she would maybe be a bit of a cold ……diva, but she’s not she’s lovely, she’s warm, very down to earth and just very, very inspiring.”

I felt immense relief. I regret my last course cost me a lot of money, but I know now that even after just one day with Katy I am really ready to go for it. This course is not just like –‘go on you can do it’ -it’s practical, its about, what are your needs, how can we help, this is how you do this, breaking stuff down, giving people a chance to practice and then working on real clients as well. It’s really, really good.

Its helped immensely, because Katy’s next to you. She doesn’t take over, she’s just there commenting on your work & she’s usually very positive. She also breaks everything down very simply and makes sure your not flustered & its just really, really helpful. I feel so differently now. I was a bit apprehensive before I came here, as I had done training elsewhere and I thought ‘I’ve already done training, do I really need this?’ It was an investment in my skills and I feel it was 110% worth it.

Comparing this training to my last company, Katy is more supportive & she recognises that things work if people are not flustered & are prepared. She breaks everything down and you can see how really quite simple it is.

This morning I came in really excited. It is the generosity of Katy’s information that counts. You feel that some companies won’t tell you things because they see you as competitors & don’t really want to give away their secrets. But it’s her generosity, teamed with the knowledge she has alongside a really supportive atmosphere.

This course has exceeded my expectations. It’s amazing. What’s really lovely was that after my first day I couldn’t sleep that night as I was so excited about coming to do more training. I was thinking about all the training & studying I have done in my life and this is so exciting, it is up there with my top trainings. It’s fun, challenging, being creative and your kindness, warmth and generosity is really, really touching.

I knew the training would be useful and maybe push me along a bit but now I know I can do this, I really can do this and will do this!

When you know you can do something but just need someone who understands your situation and give you a helping hand to point you in the right direction then you need to get a little more training and sound advice. Simply call the permanent makeup training academy and talk to us about your situation. We are here to help anyone that has the willingness and desire to be successful. Call us on 01444 300 157  You wont regret it. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you get your permanent makeup career to where it should be. 

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How Many Days Training Will I Need?

All retraining and confidence boosting days are designed wholly around you and your needs and can be 1, 2, or 3 days depending on the areas you want to improve.

Where Will The Training Take Place?

All training will be carried out at our head office training centre, based in Mid Sussex

How Do I Book ?

The first thing to do is to give us a call so that we can discuss what it is that is stopping you from performing successfully in all areas of permanent makeup. Once we understand what it is you want or need to improve we will agree the number of days required with you and look at convenient dates.

How Much Will it Cost?

As each day is designed around your personal needs we can only provide a price for your retraining once we know what you need.
Please call 01444 300157 for a chat and we can discuss pricing.

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