Permanent Makeup Treatments

Permanent Makeup Treatments

Permanent-Makeup-Treatments-With-Katy-Jobbins  (all treatment prices include full aftercare & top up appointment)


Katy Jobbins Portfolio Celebrating over 12,000 Hours In Permanent Makeup



Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

Whether it’s to giving you a subtle brow lift to enhance the eye area, replacing missing ends of eyebrows or adding hairs to sparse areas, we can create a natural hair simulation to perfectly redesign your eyebrows.

– Powdered brow perfection – Simulated natural hair strokes – Natural hair strokes with powdered effect

Click Here to Watch a video of Katy creating a set of permanent natural hair stroke eyebrows.

Watch the following Videos of some past clients of Katy’s

“I Feel So Much More Confident Now…”

“I’m Just So Happy – The Best Thing I’ve Ever Done..”

“I Could Cry Now… I Couldn’t Stop Looking At Them In The  Mirror”

“Katy Guessed The Celebrity Brows… Even Before I Told Her…”

“She Specialises In Grey Hair Brows…. She Gave Me Exactly What I Wanted”

“It’s Like I’ve had  a Mini Facelift… I Feel 10 Years Younger Already…”

Eyelash Enhancement  & Permanent Eyeliner Treatments

Eyelash Enhancement thickens and defines lashes with minute dots of lash colour, attracting more attention to ‘bare’ eyes. Ultra subtle, ultra pretty.

– Eyelash enhancement (Top) – Eyelash enhancement (Bottom) – Full eyelash enhancement (Top and Bottom)

Permanent Eyeliner is the ultimate  way to wake up with beautiful,  perfectly-placed eye definition. 100% Stay-put eye makeup.   Natural but noticeable.

– Thin eyeliner top – Medium eyeliner top – Thicker eyeliner at outer edge

Click Here to Watch a video of Katy Jobbins performing an eyeliner top & bottom procedure.

Watch the following Videos of some past clients of Katy’s

“Also I Feel I Need Less Eyeshadow.. I Look Good Already…”

“I Liked That I Could See Real People And Not Photo-shoped Images…”

“Katy Was Looking At The Whole Face And Not Just The Brows…”

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“I Was Recommended By 4 0r 5 Others…”

“I Was Concerned That It Wouldn’t Look Natural…”

“I Now Like Wearing Less Makeup… It Saves Me So Much Time…”

Permanent Lip Enhancement Treatments

Replace naturally receding lip colour with a newly perfect shape, increasing the volume for the perfect pout. So natural, only you will know.

– Fine Lip contouring – Natural Lip Blush – Full lip colour

Click Here to Watch a video of Katy Jobbins performing a natural lip blush procedure.

Watch the following Videos of some past clients of Katy’s

“I Was Amazed How Natural They Looked..  I’m Now Going To Get Everything Done…”

“I Plucked Up The Courage After My Previous Permanent Makeup Disaster…”

“I’m So Excited I Can’t Stop Looking In The Mirror.. I Feel Like A Little Kid..”

“Nice Shape.. I Love them…”

“The Bad Times Are Over… The Good Times Are Just Starting..”

“I Just Love the Natural Appearance…”

Permanent Makeup Correction Treatments

If you have previously had permanent makeup treatment but have been left dissatisfied with the outcome then don’t despair. Corrective treatment is possible to resolve your issues. Your brows may have turned grey or blue, your Lip line may be crooked, your brow line may be completely wrong. Whatever the problem Call the permanent makeup training academy today and find out what is possible to make you love your permanent make up again.

Watch the following Videos of some past clients of Katy’s

“Previously Treatments Left My Brows Grey Then Blue…”

“I Would Have Happily Traveled 12,000 miles to get this level of treatment..”

“I Love the Fact That I Don’t Have To Put Makeup On…”

“Best Permanent Makeup I Have Had In 20 Years!..”

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